The Art Nou Mil.lenni Gallery has participated in many contemporary art fairs. For many years has been seen in fairs such as: Art Beijing, Art Shangai, Linear, Art Bolzano, Margaret, Arteando, Artexpo NY, Frieze Art Fair London, Art Innsbruck etc. 


ST-ART 2017 (17th - 20th November 2017)  European Contemporary Art Fair, Strasbourg, France.

ArteHos (16th - 20th December 2017) Barcelona, Spain.



The Cosmopolitan Cultures & Fine Art fair in Macao (25th - 27th November 2015) Macao, China.

Art Macao (4th - 7th December 2015) Macao, China.

Salón de Barcelona (16th - 20th December 2015) Barcelona, Spain.

Photo Baho Barcelona (9th - 13th March 2016) Barcelona, Spain.

Art Beijing (31st April - 3rd May 2016) Beijing, China.

Hartexpo (16th - 20th July 2016) Barcelona, Spain.

Art Baho (1st - 5th October 2016) Barcelona, Spain.

Art Fair Köln (26th - 30th October 2016) Cologne, Germany.

ArteHos (17th - 21st December 2016) Barcelona, Spain.

Spring Art Show Barcelona (25th - 29th March 2017) Barcelona, Spain.

Art Beijing (30th April - 3rd May 2017) Beijing, China.

Hartexpo (20th - 24th May 2017) Barcelona, Spain.

Art Baho (23rd - 27th September 2017) Barcelona, Spain.

Art Düsseldorf  (16th -19th November 2017) Düsseldorf, Germany. 

ArteHos (16th - 20th December 2017) Barcelona, Spain.




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