Gina Plunder

Gina Plunder is born 1964 in Romania. She lives and work as a visual artist in Rastatt, Germany. Gina has studying painting and graphic at the University in Bucharest and at the free Academy of Art and Graphic Design in Freiburg/Germany. She is member of the GEDOK German and Austrian Artists association. Since 2004 she is lecturer at the Land Academy of Art and Theater Castle Rotenfels. Since 2006 is she manager of the Art Centre - Bildungschance Rastatt, an education Association for schools Pupils. 

My work is moving in the border areas between painting and drawing, space and surface, figuration and geometry, between illusion and reality. I try to catch the light in my paintings, so they are made in a complicated process of layering with acrylic paint. Typically, I like to lead the viewer through imaginary spaces and optical illusions, which often form the framework for my surreal creations. The main subject of my works with used paper targets that are included in the Motifs are our feelings and emotions.

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