Josef Ebnöther

1937 Born in Altstätten, CH
1959/64 Seminars at the School of Applied Arts in St. Gallen, CH
1962/69 Stays in Paris, F, courses at the Academie de la Grande Chaumière
1964 Figurative drawing at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, FR
1965 The Rhinevalley Art Award
1968 Art Award “Swiss Painters up to 40 Years” in Zürich, CH
1979 Film by the High School Trogen, CH The Painter Josef Ebnöther and his Environment „
1990 Videodocument about Josef Ebnöther by Bruno Zaugg
1992/93 Conducted a seminar at the “Kunstraum” in Dornbirn, AT
1993 Stained glas windows (220m) for the St. Josef Church in Kempen near Düsseldorf, DE
1994 Interior design of the Commerzbank Göttingen, DE
1995 Interior design of the Stadtsparkasse Magdeburg, DE
1996 Steel-Relief, Townhall in Buchs, CH
1999 Steel-Relief (12 x 3.20m), High School Heerbrugg, CH
2001 ARGE Alp-Symposium in St. Gallen, CH
2002 Book about Josef Ebnöther, published by Depelman, Langenhagen near Hannover, DE
Exhibition in the Government Building St. Gallen, CH, for the 65th birthday
Interior design of the Henrietten-Foundation Hannover, DE
2003 LandArte-Project (200 years Canton St. Gallen) CH
2004 International Artist Symposium in Debrecen, HU. 1st prize from Jury
2005 Prize of Recognition from the AGRW
2008 Stations of the Cross, Catholic Church Dornach, CH
2010 Installation together with Elsbeth Maag, lyric, „als erdete der Himmel“
(When Heaven earthed), Werdenberg Castle, CH
2011 Steel-Relief (12 x 3.20m) Schoolhouse Schöntal, Altstätten, CH
2012 Book about Josef Ebnöther for the 75th birthday, published by Depelman,
Langenhagen near Hannover, DE
2013 Catalogue “Heaven and Earth” for the Exhibition in the Museum of Art in Appenzell, CH
Film by René Etter “A day in the life of Josef Ebnöther”
2015 Steel-Relief „Der Weg“ (The Way) (12 x7.70m) House VIVA, Altstätten, CH

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