The subject of Bartosz’s acrylic paintings deal with his surroundings, childhood memories with special focus on the mundane: obscure train stations, little factories or bus stops, average looking stores and shops, or trivial blocks of flats. There are also passers by, oridniary pedestrians present on the canvases. The approach to color depends on the theme of a particular piece and is used to empasise the mood which the painting is supposed to convey. Often the pallete is vibrant, colors used „as they fit”, not as one would expect to find them in „real life”. At other times paintings are monochromatic: grey paint on white canvas, or just white gesso on raw canvas. The tools used to apply paint vary from brushes to stencils, rollers, splashed paint.

From time to time Bartosz departs from his usul themes to idulge with musical themes. Listening to music, paintings musicians and giving artistic expression to music have been a challange and a choice of passion.




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