Barry Mitchell

 expression is in the language of realism, I choose realism because I am fascinated by detail, the colours and shapes I see around me.

. Is taken from the people and animals that have affected my life and the sights I have passed on my continuing road movie.

He draw on paper with soft pencils (2b) and on board with oil-bar.

He most often I paint with oils on canvas but I also enjoy using acrylics on paper as I would watercolour.

He sculpt mainly by carving wood and sometimes I feel the wild need to construct battling and building with metal.

The suitability of the medium depends on the inspiration.On completing my studies he left the  island fleeing the strong sense of cultural claustrophobia that he deeply felt, he need to create in an environment of cultural and racial difference in flux.

Feeling strongly European, circumstance brought me to France and he have never regretted his choice, he still savour the potential of movement without having to take the ferry.

Center for Modern Art and numerous private collections around the world.

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