Bea Garding-Schubert

“Time” has been the driving force for Bea Garding – Schubert’ s artistic work for many years now.

Her paintings revolve around the idea of transience, the dream of infinity, and the finite nature of one’s own entity.

It is imperative to acknowledge the little golden moments of life that are more valuable than all those countless insignificant years.

Bea Garding – Schubert’ s series of work captures these moments. They can be filled with total happiness, grief, pain or hope. They make us guess the idea of Infinity and are our essence of life.

She participates in various exhibitions in Spain, Austria, the US and Germany. After 8 years traveling around the world, the artist has been a resident for 12 years on the Canary Islands as well as living 12 years on Mallorca. She is a member of the producers’ gallery in Nienburg on the Weser river.

When asked where home is Bea Garding-Schubert’ s answers: “HOME can be everywhere – … as long as my colors and canvas are around“.

07_2016 Moments. Moment of grief 08_2016 Moments. Moment of silence 09_2016 Moments. Moment of clarity 10_2016Moments - Magic moment I 11_2016 Moments. Moments of looking back I.1.00 x 1.00 12_2016Moment of looking back II

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