Birgit Kirke

“I find inspiration for my painting in the nature, especially on the Faroe Islands, where the landscape is so magnificent and the weather is rapidly changeable. I grew up on the Faroe Islands and I visit the islands at least two to three times a year to get inspiration for my paintings.
In my preparations, i.e. before I start painting, I make sketches. I go out to meet nature as to take my experiences and sensations of nature and transfer into my paintings. I want to tell stories about the living landscape, stories about the nature we are part of and which we are so dependent on. In my work I have the opportunity to translate my experiences and memories from nature and transform into an abstract idiom.
The challenge for me is not to paint a lifelike painting of nature. Instead I try to keep the plants open so that the viewer can tie the ends together and form its own tale.”
“The inspiration for the sculptures comes from the legend of the seal woman. According to this old Faroese legend, seals are descended from people who drowned themselves in the ocean. Once a year, on Twelfth Night, they are allowed to take their skins of and be human again. And then they gather on the beach and in the rock caves, where they play and dance all night.
The legend is fascinating because it deals with issues such as desire, love, betrayal, sadness, longing, life, death, identity and being different.
The sculptures are made of natural materials, such as paper pulp, Iron and wood, and patinated so they appear with a bronze glow. They are between 30 and 50 cm high.”

birgit-kirke-hvannhagi-acrilico-sobre-tela-2016-77x57 birgit-kirke-hvannhagi2-acrilico-sobre-tela-2016-77x57 birgit-kirke-seal-woman2-pasta-de-papel-hierro-pegamento-y-madera-2016-48cm-alto birgit-kirke-sealwoman1-pasta-de-papel-hierro-pegamento-y-madera-2016-24cm-alto

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