Cordelia Doll

Cordelia Doll grew up in traditionally creative family in Germany and improved her artistic abilities by education in painting techniques at various art academies. Early painting trips took her to Austria, Italy and Southern France. At first she interrupted her artistic work for professional reasons. After intensive involvement as a dental technician and finally as acting manager of a dental laboratory, Cordelia Doll has relocated her professional interest on the arts since 2001. She presently works as a freelance artist.

Cordelia Doll`s works are characterized by specific style features. She works with natural forms or pieces and recomposes them creatively. Her images are colourized in multifarious ways. The images are accentuated in relief-like manners by pastily applied masses. Additional pledges are often worked in, mainly taken from nature. The blending of abstract backgrounds and clear figural allusions are the subject of a great number of motives. 

They can be regarded as a symbol of our origin from and our integration into the natural cosmos. The arrangements reflect the ability of mankind to create individual worlds by constructiveness and mind for the better or the worse of all beings. The individual sensual reception of the images invites to a respectful encounter with nature. The images contain in an allegorical way appeals to the observer, to opt for a sustainable and seminal way in dealing with the world and the fellow human beings. However, it is up to the observer to decode the cryptic language of the pictures, which depict in their particular way our world in its beauty.



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