Maria Lundgren is from Gothenburg, Sweden. She knew early on that she wanted to paint and she studied art at a variety of schools. After studying arts at the university she started working as an art teacher. She has always had a big interest in architecture and design. At the university in Gothenburg she studied Master of Science in Conservation and started working as a architectural curator.
For many years Maria’s primary field was watercolor. For the last five years her main focus has been acrylic colors. By letting the world around her inspire her, she has created art collections with different themes. An example of a setting where the art takes place is a gallery where the visistors interacts with the art. The pieces of art and the viewer together create a new piece of art.
Maria, being interested in buildings and interior design, often likes to look at websites with apartments and houses that are for sale. The way a lot of apartments are styled, has become almost anemic in a way, hiding every personal aspect of the living space. They are supposed to have a modern and clean look using only white, grey and black. This uniform way of presenting residences is expressed in the theme.


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