Spanish art fights misinformation in China

“They like it a lot and they always associate Spain with Dalí or Picasso, but we are here to show them more”, said Moran, the director of the Nou Mil·leni gallery, for the third time at the eclectic fair, which closes its doors today.“

Gallery NOU MIL·LENNI (Barcelona)

“Through the Nou Mil·leni gallery in Barcelona, ​​the viewer can contemplate, thanks to the video made by it, the admiration that Aragay feels for geometry, apart from being directly linked to his profession, and which is found in all areas of our lives: in our daily lives“

Juanito Cortés, the 12-year-old painter who sells paintings for 20,000 euros: "Painting is my way of expressing myself"

“The Art Nou Milleni Gallery, in Barcelona, ​​sells most of its creations for 20,000 euros. Now he is immersed in a charity project with the Querer Foundation, which is dedicated to caring for children with neurological diseases.“

Dadá in Art Nou Mil·lenni

“The contemporary artist of American origin presents his furious painting at the Barcelona gallery for the individual exhibition ‘Quanta Dada Barcelona’. Suvanjieff“