Erlend Briggar Larsen

When painting or drawing , I do not focus on one style or a single medium. Depending both on the subject and what I want to express, one time ink may feel right and another charcoal and so forth. When creating a piece I look at the connection that I have with the subject and how it/they inspires me.
Primarily my time is split between my studio in Norway and New York City. In Norway I find a solitude and inspiration with nature and rural living. My home has farms, fjords, forests and the sea right at my doorstep that are the subject of many pieces. In contrast New York City has an energy that lets me focus on people and urban life. The city provides me with all types of people to study the human form as well as diverse architecture and natural setting different than those at home.
I create and express how I am inspired and where my imagination takes me. When you look at my art I hope you take what I have created and build on that with your own view of the world to interpenetrate and imagine.

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