Frank Teufel

A sculptor transmutes stone into art, creating unique images where once there was only rock.

Deceptively simple line drawings form the basis of the original draft. It is into these suspense-packed lines that he transforms the stone, pushing the static limits of his material. Thus he evokes the illusion of fluidity, of lightness – diametrically opposed to the unbending, unwavering strength of the stone.

The skilled labour leaves traces on the surface of the stone. The rough grain and strength of the stone lives on in the shallow scars – nothing is glossed over, polished, hidden.

The surface attests to the original power of the stone; to the honest handling of the material. The traces resemble impressions, experiences that make every single sculpture – that make every single life – unique.  

Presented in clear abstract forms, the works invite spectators to deduce their own interpretations. For this reason, Frank Teufel deliberately omits titles, leaving the meaning of his work to the eye of the beholder. 



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