Harry de Leeuw

The work of Harry de Leeuw can be placed within the movement of lyrical realism and uses architecture and landscape as important sources of inspiration.  By isolating certain elements or playing with compositions he enables himself to accentuate specific aspects, such as function. De Leeuw feels the landscape provides a sense of freedom and quietness. Water, mountains, trees and vast open areas are elements of the landscape that appeal to him and inspire him. In his artworks, De Leeuw aspires to present his story in a recognisable way. In doing so, he leaves enough space for the feelings, stories and memories of the beholder.

“After highschool I had the choice between the Art Academy and a teacher training crafts and draw. I choose the teacher training. During my graduation year I came in contact with bronze casting, it was love at first site. From that moment on I started as a free artist. At the artcentre “De Olifant” I learned the technics of bronze casting, from that moment on I poured my own artwork.
When I was a young boy I used to be outside most of the time. This is the basis of my fascination for landscape. Later on, during holidays abroad I got interested in architecture. These two themes are the main subjects in my work. The are both an inexhaustible source of inspiration.”

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