Ingeborg van Loock

Ingeborg van Loock was born in Esslingen / Germany, studied at the art-academy Esslingen and at other free academies in Germany. Since 1998 she has takes part in exhibitions in galleries and art fairs.

In the representations of Ingeborg van Loock the associate with landscape is always present in different elaborates, even if they do not represent real spaces, but newly created forms. She is painting not only with the brash, but also waters the colour straight
on the canvas. This coating side by side, one upon another and into another will create depth in the continuum of the colour. By choosing different matter of colour there will appear different layers on the painting.

The colour is organized in a way that a illusory depth is created. Each colour has it’s individual appearance as a whole. This results in a space of colours of great density and atmosphere.

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