Ivan Dokov

I’m a photographer from Sofia, Bulgaria. I got a polaroid when I turned 10 and since then I have been in love with photography. I use different cameras and techniques, taking full advantage of digital and analog methods. Utilizing the near infrared spectrum and different HDR techeniques to give my images an other worldy look, my photograhpy strives to show the hidden aspects of our reality.
I’ve lived in London for 6 years. Studying Psychology, later transferring into Photography and Media and culture. As life has it, I had to come back to Bulgaria, which put my photography on hold for two years. With this exhibition I am coming back as an artist. Having found new ispirations around the Balkans, I am preparing an extensive body of work.

blizFujiMAT PANO_vitosha1 PanoKokalianeFujiMAT tallIFujyMAT WestFujiMAT

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