Ivar Nordhagen

Ivar Nordhagen is born in Nord Odal, Norway, in 1951. He provides a large selection of artwork in oil paintings and woodcuts, and is a member of the Norwegian Graphic Artists Association (Norske Grafikere). The artist gets inspiration from the Norwegian nature, architecture and history of society.
In his early years Nordhagen was educated as a graphic designer and illustrator, and founded several companies. Over the past thirty years he has started and driven Atelier Ivar Nordhagen, and he has been performing exclusively in the art field.
Nordhagen offers woodcuts in figurative style. The woodcuts are made by hand, cut and hand pressed on high quality cotton paper in circulation of 60-150 reproductions. All the prints are signed and numbered.
Woodcut is one of the oldest graphic techniques for images. The artist carves the image into the surface of 6-8 blocks of Wood, leaving the printing parts level with the surface, while removing the non-printing parts. The technique is complex and requires a high level of expertise and creativity. Only very few artists provide the art with several plates for woodcut in colors. The result express art pieces with rhythmic and dynamic movements, both softness and roughness combined in the story of motives.

georg-stangsgate-george-stangs-street-40x45-grabado-sobre-madera senvinter-late-winter-83x59-grabado-sobre-madera svarten-timber-64x56-grabado-sobre-madera ugle-owl-54x63-grabado-sobre-madera

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