Lalie S. Pascual

New media artist, Lalie S. Pascual received her MA in Fine Art at Central St. Martins University of the Arts in London, having being previously trained at Brandeis University, Massachusetts.
Additional academic background includes a Master of Science in Management from Boston University.
Her art practice is intended to explore ideas of growth and expansion in our scientific and natural worlds. Using video and digital imagery she creates fragile equilibriums that could be reconstructed or separated at any moment in time. A place where the macro meets the micro, the past meets the present and the futuristic and beginnings and endings are blurred of into endless possibilities.
She received a Brandeis teaching fellowship award (Waltham, MA), was a finalist of the Celeste Art Prize (London) and won the Drawing Conclusion competition by ArtSEEN journal (Florence). She exhibited internationally including London, Glasgow, Basel, Lausanne, New York, Boston, Singapour, Hong Kong, and Seoul. She currently lives and works in Lausanne.

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