I am a ceramic artist, born in Finland, but now living and working in Sweden.

Today, to draw a line between different ways of working with ceramics as art – sculptural, figurative, cast, thrown, modelled –  is not so distinctive anymore. Arts and crafts, shortly and precisely, preferably in artistic harmonious union, that´s what it is.  Picasso painted on pottery, too… 

In my latest work I am using shiny, white porcelain. The figures might have their origin in the world of fairy tales, in the past, in the actuality of today – or in the future, who knows. Memories, reflections, dreams, nightmares – or something else. You paint with clay. There is difference, though. You must burn your “paintings”, several times. But when all turns out well, when even ashes turn out to gold – it is proof enough that arts and crafts is – art. 





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