Roger Dale

“Roger Dale’s gaze is absolutely straight, he sets the real with the physical and philosophical concentration of the zen shooter, he only fixes that – that’s all.” Roger Dale’s hand does not tremble not, does not deviate, does not betray: she obeys.With a remarkable science, she submits by conforming to the sensation that the eye records and transmits to the brain.And this point – and only him, because all this which is around is still vague – this portion of the space, determined precisely, appears there, on the canvas.A glass, a bottle, the face of the painter or that of a friend (whatever the subject matter, only the painting!) Without the slightest concession or indecision, the portion of reality captured is not a reconstitution, nor a photographic document, nor hyperrealism, nor Expressionism, nor idealism, nor surrealism, nor academicism, nor romanticism.
Roger Dale’s painting is that of a moralist. In our world of dummy, derision and doubt, it is something new and very strong.

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