Malgorzata Piatek Grabcynska

Born In 1975 in Poland, where she still works.
In years 1995-2000 she studied painting and drawing. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts In Wrocław in profesor Grzegorz Zyndwalewicz`s workshop. She recieved a scholarship of Minister of Culture and Art. She started to show her pictures in 2001 as a part of a project ” Painting of the Young”. She has numerous of solo and collective exhibitions to her credit. Her pieces of art have faund their home in many private collections.
In her picture and ceramic she creates her own world named „The Land of Q”. The landscape of the paintings is changeable like In kaleidoscope, full of puppets, color, laughter, strange vehicles and sometimes also nostalgy and reverie. Her world is something between the real and the transcendental.
Color is the most important ,characteristic and integral element of the painting. Regardles of the fact whether it is monocromatic or explosion of various tins for her it`s a means of sharing thoughts, fellings and sensations.

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