Marc Lecoanet is born the 5th of August 1992 in Epinal, France. He is a multiple award winning
French artist whose works span the surrealistic ether between Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte.
Born in North East France in August of 1992, Marc is not only a medical student specialised in
psychiatry but an up and coming young artist who won this year’s Salon de l’Automne prize in
Paris for artist painter and who has win the Salon d’Automne prize in Paris for artists under thirty in
This multi-talented autodidact has managed to create a body of work inspired by ancient myths
and modern sensuality. His works reflect musical undertones as he is also a performing musician
enamoured with lyrical themes which are so often present in his paintings.
Since March 2017, Marc’s work is available for viewing and for sale in the USA through the White
Porch Gallery – R house, Miami Wynwood.




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