Margit J. Füreder

For years, the artist has always followed an incomparable technique, of which she has total control, and which is inseparably connected to her motives and themes.

The starting point of Margit J. Füreder’s work lies in moments photographically taken from people or the actions of daily life, whose sensuality, extravagance and harmonic tones of color when presenting a vision of an image of a certain moment. Each one represents a kaleidoscope of the narrative that reflects characters, locations and the representation figure, which stimulates the spectator to develop more imaginative thoughts. In the dynamic process of painting, the artist condenses the material by scraping a certain repertoire of letters and text fragments on the surface of the image, then scratching it again. Tracks of colors placed intentionally maintain their work in a float of energy between existence and mortality, between the real and transcendental. Other characteristics of his style are structures in similar relief and thin transparent tones of color next to intense colors, which are combined with sensitivity and in their application create a mystical effect.

With this medium, Margit J. Füreder uses a variety of artistic tools, such as acrylic and oil paintings, prints and photography. Different materials repel each other while wet, some partially connect or melt during the long drying process. In this way, the images of Margit J. Füreder mix together on several levels and are prone to a continuous change of contents to which new ideas are created and integrated. In the end, it is a planned coincidence, as it gives his paintings their necessary spontaneity.

The specific forms lose their superficiality through the application and removal of different layers of color, then resurface in unexpected space and depth. As an archaeologist, the artist excavates and reveals what is hidden beneath the surface. The result is works of art that capture the uniqueness and the very essence of existential themes and thoughts.

The paintings of Margit J. Füreder attract the attention of the observer with their hypnotic beauty and questioning, and reveal themselves as true counterparts.

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