Monika Kropshofer

Born in 1952 in Neuwied (Germany), is a German painter and photographer, living and working in Boppard (Germany). She has gained renown through her large-format painted architecture and landscape photographs which were created as a result of her many work journeys and stays in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Monika Kropshofer´s artistic discussion always turns around the formal dialogue between the object depicted and the media used. Her method for doing this is the construction and deconstruction of spatiality, depending on each picture basis and the revelation of the appropriateness of the structures in architecture and landscape with the help of painting. Thus her works are in the tradition of photography´s very own discourse, the question of reproduction and reality, fiction and real life.

Fair paticipations, inter alia in Paris, Essen, Zurich, Karlsruhe, Barcelona

Working stays, inter alia in Rome, Naples, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Egypt, Iceland, Cambodia, Myanmar and Sicily

Numerous solo exhibitions, inter alia in Berlin, Rangoon, Leipzig, Vienna, Seoul, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Taipei, Cologne and Dijon.

Untitled (Boppard, Castle,Germany)Untitled (Rhinevalley, Germany)


Untitled(Bopparder Hamm, Germany)Untitled(Reykjavik,Iceland)


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