Olga Malytcheva

Olga Malytcheva has studied painting since she was eleven years old, first at the art school of Saint Petersburg and later in the N. K. Reriho’s professional academy of art. She moved from Russia to Finland in 1996 and is a member of the artist association of her hometown, Jyväskylä.
Because of her versatile studies she masters many styles and techniques from delicate graphic art to oil painting. She is a well-known portraitist and art professor.
A frequent subject matter in her work are women in different situations of life, suspended in time. As a portraitist her strenght is seeing under the model’s skin: Malytcheva does not paint the eyes, she paints the look in them.
Since 1990 Malytcheva has participated in many collective and private exhibitions. Her art has found its home in private collections for example in Italy, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

olga-malycheva-hot-summer-day-2015-oil-painting-31x34cm-680e olga-malytcheva-face-of-exhibition-2015-oil-painting-34x50cm olga-malytcheva-in-paris-cafe-2013-oil-painting-55x65cm-1800e olga-malytcheva-keltainen-mekko-2012-oil-painting-65x55cm-2200e olga-malytcheva-anjuntas-dream 

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