Albina’s artistic desire is the search for the ways to express strength and vulnerability of the man’s nature, the relation between intimacy and distance, between man’s power and man’s fears. The world of her artworks has a kind of mystery. It is vibrant, silent and deep. Her way to create artworks is a kind of sensitive enquiry into the man’s world – subtle, bold, blurred, crossed over.

She is always ready to welcome the unexpected.
By being unafraid to cross the threshold of traditional fine art processes, she is able to produce thought and emotion provoking art works – in paintings, drawings, sculpting and in photography.

She lives in Germany and creates her artworks in Vienna, Augsburg, Bamberg and Paris. She entered the world of fine art in 2013, studied Fine Art at Faber Castel Academy Nuremberg – Stein, visited art classes at Free Art Academy Augsburg and at the Art Factory Vienna and studied Literature, Linguistic and Psychology.

To see her artworks is always an enquiry about the human’s beauty, the beauty as an opposite of perfect and for some of the viewers it’s a journey of seeing themselves in works that are not them.




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