Sande’s work is not part of any concrete artistic movement; it does not pretend to express the inner wealth of its creator. The artist begins to paint playing, and soon that game becomes a way to reflect concerns or desires, externalize their life reality. Each piece shows us small micro-worlds in which the color, the textures and the sinuous and curved forms flash like shooting stars, trapped inside a story with beginning and end. His compositions are usually encapsulated, closed by a visible thread that contains all the magic, energy and dreams in a contained tear.

It is an unalterable, timeless space, an orderly chaos, without rules or rules. In that naive language, devoid of evil, more primitive than rational, we find the presence of eyes and lips as the only nexus with sensory reality. The collage, characterized by the material charge of the added elements, confer a texture that provokes the spectator to approach and touch, seducing us inviting us to be part of their dreams. The images or real objects are locked inside their own world, floating in waters of primitive colors in which everyday objects are transformed into small treasures submerged in the world of intuition. Sande gives us the opportunity to divest ourselves of all that preconceived, giving us his most intimate desires in small pieces full of life.



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