Tobias Indermuehle

I have been working within the medium of photography for more than 20 years. My Art and Photography subjects and themes have evolved and change over the years from abstract, to surreal, to realism.
For my current work I am focused on the connection between two worlds- that which is reality and that which is surreal. Inspired by my extensive time spend deep sea diving all over the world in different Countries like Thailand, Cuba, Philippines, Columbian and so on, this work highlights my fascination with the aesthetic, vision, and imagery of the underwater world. I find something magical within it.

When I am on the boat I don `t see what is down it is the moment when I dive were the new world is coming to on me. On the boat or at the beach you can see completely different things. From the sunset over the sea, to the sun sinking into the sea. I feel inspired by the beauty. It arises from two real photos a surreal world even if the two worlds no more than 10 to 15 meters away from one another.

The first art exhibition was in Basel in 1997. Since her I had more than 30 exhibitions in Zuerich (Cabare 98), Paris (Art Present 98), London (The Bean 99), (Zuerich Xrta 99) Hamburg (Kunsthaus, Zeissehalle 02) Basel (Patrerre 2010), Lausanne (Swissartphoto 2013).

I work as a photographer not only in the arts but also very strong in magazines and advertising area, I have big photo agencies such as (ddpimages) representing me worldwide.

Foto Tobias Indermuehle Diving Thailand 2 (2) mail Foto Tobias Indermuehle Diving Thailand 3 mail Foto Tobias Indermuehle Diving Thailand mail

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