Verena Waddell

Educated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, I now live and work in my native country, Norway. I use a wide array of mediums, consolidating form, through common shapes and symbols. Intersecting formal and intellectal aspects with the intuitive, where the figure and aesthetics stand central, I purpously balance these common symbols in contrast with less polished and cruder combinations. Series of children at play, depicts an amiable observation of the parallelle life that unfolds in children´s interaction with eachother and situations, in the moment. This, whilst grown-ups may be busy doing or planning for other things. I search for some common ground, in the pathway beside the predictable and the obvious…, I poke at symbols, deflating them into the mesh of a visual framework. I have done several designs for Steninge Slott, the plates and vases distributed through `Glasmagasinet` in all of Norway. My work is to be found in many private and corporate collections. Many of my larger works are started as performance pieces, where a blank canvas is approached in live in front of large audiences. I have exhibited in Vancouver, Barcelona, New York, Oslo, Drammen, Sandejord, Larvik, Stavern and Telemark. The driving force behind my expressions is to ignite a spark of emotions for an inner reconciliation. In essence, all my work whether rendered or painted, with various mediums, is at core, grounding, a tribute to the authentic self. Through dynamic lines or figures in action, emotions emerge from a deep and authentic place. Although at our deepest there are collective longing for love, peace and unity, we all have unique and different layers to submerge to get there. My inks lie in a cross-section of the formal, intellectual and the intuitive. The aesthetic and the figure is central, where I on purpose balance familiar symbols in combination with rawer, unpolished formations. Lines are literally flowing and the color scheme underpins the flow and draws one into a visually beautiful, yet dual world. Play on figure and ground will lend itself to various interpretations. It will continue give, often with new aspects) a room for the eyes to take in cues for what is lying underneath. Described about my INKS (also through live performances) Every original on paper or canvas, is unique and carries its own `nerve` Although prolific, Verena Waddell, pays careful attention to detail, draws from a well of layers and always leaves an opening for unplanned action. It is the sheer amount of painting, line-flow and color that leaves a confident and striking mark, making her pieces unique, yet recognizable.

DSC01812 - versjon 2 swirl Verena Waddell -sin título-  56x76 cm tinta sobre papel 2015  (4)

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